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Originally Posted by m3bot View Post
Question- Why do dealerships want to run my credit before the car is even delivered? Isnt the deposit good enough?
No. They don't want to waste time with transactions that have no chance of being finished. By agreeing to order a car, they are accepting a degree of risk already (like orders being canceled, etc.)

They need to minimize their overall risk of exposure. Would be a pretty stupid problem to have to deal with a custom built car for a customer who turns out has no way of affording the car.

This includes people paying cash for their car. My dealer took a $1000 deposit and ran a credit check, even though I was writing a personal check for the balance of the car.

It's not a big deal. People act like a single credit check is going to destroy your credit score. It will affect your score, but it's not going to drop you 100 points overnight either.
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