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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
Time to start a flame war.

Has anyone else noticed that almost all of the Castrol TWS 10W-60 UOAs come back showing lead (bearings) in the wear metals? I've had three analyses of Redline and never a detectable level of lead.
A quick look through the thread doesn't bear that out? There are several with 1 or 0 running the TWS. I think we need back to back to back data before you can say for sure there's any causation here, of course there will be correlation as almost everyone uses the TWS, high lead or not. It'd be nice to see a few units that only got RL or another product that's a little lower viscosity from the 1200 mile service on, or even sooner, but we probably won't ever.

I'm definitely not convinced TWS is the right oil for this engine though, especially in regular street use where the oil never gets hotter than 230F or so. The RL 40wt is looking good.

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