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Well, we were able to get ahold of Roman at ESS, and he had zero idea why we would have this issue and told us to email AJ, the ESS tuner, and had no luck. Brought her to the track for a test run to see if fluid change helped. First run tried regular launch control. Car bogged super hard but no issues shifting. Next run tried poor mans launch control. On the 1-2 shift it didnt up shift, got out of it and smacked her to3rd (dct bars went from 6 to3 again) then on the 2- 3shift same thing, wouldnt upshift. Got out of it and packed up for the evening. On the way home I tried a 1-2 shift at 7800 rpm. Car shifted, but engine light came on and a 7000 redline. Pulled over, stopped car and restart and it went back to normal, but a service engine soon light is now on. Andrew at AR pulling codes tomorrow to see whats up. Im staying out of throttle until we figure out the issue. I have zero desire to blow a DCT.
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