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Snooz right? I'm not your Oprah fan club whore, but every once in a whlie I'll find a book that truly capitvates me enough to have the audacity to pick it up and start reading. Just recently I picked up "Never Eat Alone" by Keith Ferrazi(long time corporate leader, buisness conference speaker, and now CEO and founder of Ferrazi Greenlight, a marketing consultancy firm). In the book, Ferrazi points out the power of relationships in acheiving both personal sucess and adding value to exsisting and new realtionships through networking. He speaks in a very direct language to the reader and relates his personal experiences to the various fine points he makes on building those o so important realtionships that we often negelct and or don't know how to manage. In the end adding more to our networth and that of those around us. I have found the book truly inspiring, and in a lot of instances relate directly to what the author is saying. Previously I really had no idea that an author could find a way to relate to people on so many levels in one fell swoop thorugh a book such as this. Not only that, but the whole story is truly personable(most of the way done here). Nothing has been achieved if at the end of the day you're at the dinner table of life, eating alone.

Anyone have any reviews they'd like to post on recent books that they have read?