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Originally Posted by SAM3 View Post
Hi meez, I read your post about the 540 kit, correct me if I'm wrong does the 540 kit work without an inter cooler ?
And what's the deal on the S/C?
Thanks man
I also had te chance to test drive ess 550. Ess. 650. Aa Stsge 2 e92 m3s and I love my Vf kit. I don't know what people are looking for. Anther debate. ?all Kits are very similar in performance and all put excess strain on the motor. If you decide to boost your m prepare for additional expenses associated with more power. Vf 540 kit is a great entry level unit. Vf had many sales for the last few months and managed to intice people into purchasing a supercharger. Some change their mind some decide to go with a larger 620 kit. price of a new 620 kit was less then to upgrade the entry level 540 kit. Therefore placing the entry level kit on the for sale forum.
In regards to eas swapping their kit people should know there are always incentives for shops to promote certain products. secondly eas and ess have alot more in common then people are aware off.
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