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Originally Posted by huangover View Post
drew, I have the fuel pumps, just need to install them and get my tune for E85. When I'm done lets hit mexico so you can show the world how badly you walk an E85 GTR. :P
You'll do great, FBO E85 GTRs are trapping mid to high 130's, and running with modded ZR1's, and SC'd Z06's. Can't wait tell you get it done!

Originally Posted by 8k3 View Post
Wow makes my measly 620 kit seem like nothing now haha. Congrats man!

Originally Posted by NFAM3 View Post
Good job Drew. You're killing it. I would really love to see the times it's running now. Keep it up brother. Be safe.
Thanks man!

Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Pics turned out great! Should also mention today's temps were 89F, definitely hot outside.

I bet there's still more power left in there somewhere, especially in cooler weather.
Agreed, love the pics, such professional work! You have by one of the far the best shops in socal, keep up the great work Tom.

Originally Posted by BabyZ View Post
Congrats Drew.
Originally Posted by klammer View Post

Thank you!

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
This car would leave my NA M3 for dead. Might as well be driving a Dodge Nitro

Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
That is just awesome, congrats. Now go get that 60-130 record.
Thanks Brother, really appreciate the props!

Originally Posted by chris s View Post
Congrats drew! Insane numbers man...
Thanks Chris!

Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
Congrats Drew!
Thanks Scott, i should ship the car to you next winter and have you run it at ATCO.

Originally Posted by Jive View Post
I've always followed your progress even when I had no intention of buying an M3!! I loved reading your updates and seeing the progress. Your car is an amazing piece of work, congratulations!
Love hearing this kind of stuff, man I really do appreciate the kind words, means a lot!

Originally Posted by Malek View Post
Right on Drew. Let's see this thing destroy some cars in the races.

Congrats my man.
Thanks Broski!

Originally Posted by leigh View Post
so would you call this a vt-3 800 or 825? 700whp would be to much fun
Haha, not sure yet.

Originally Posted by biglare View Post
Nice work Drew!

You and this M3 have been through a ton! Good things come to those who wait and so does 700+hp! Thanks for being a pioneer and for your sacrifice to show us all what the M3 can be capable of. You and Izzy are setting some lofty numbers that will be extremely hard to be matched.

Congrats and see you soon!

Thanks Brother, it's been a journey no doubt! See you in a few weeks!

Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
Congratulations Drew. I'm happy for you my brother. So when you and IMG are going to swap the blower for something bigger?

What he said. Rock a 60-130 in that thing.
Thanks Brother, I think I'm good for now, it will be interesting to see what Alex at Gintani can do with a YSI.

Originally Posted by BuckRodgers View Post
I agree, stock block is a much better option than sleeves on the S65. Done correctly you can get factory seal and not compromise the integrity of the cylinders. the only reason to sleeve it would be if you damaged the cylinders and needed to bore them out. Sleeves + high boost will most likley burn a lot of oil over time and fail.

Good #'s Drew!
Buck! FWIW I have not burned any oil, and haven't even had to add any since we did the build. A few professional Engine builders, like BMRLVR, as well as AJ@ESS, informed me that sleeving this block was not the best option for my goals, so far so good!

Originally Posted by duk View Post
good god, that's amazing!

and it's still stealth looking too!

Originally Posted by lenzm3edan View Post
Sick car as always, way to rep the M3
Thanks Lenz!

Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
WOW.....Jesus !
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