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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
Congrats Drew!!! This proves the capability of the S65 Block and it don't surprise me at all!!!

To be honest I have been doubting the need to sleeve these blocks as HP was increasing. Since there is little material to work with in the S65 sleeving the block compromises it in my opinion!

Here's to Drew and Izzy for pushing the limit and showing us what the stock block can handle! R&D and good tuning, which controls detonation is much more valuable than throwing sleeves in an engine "as a precaution"
I agree, stock block is a much better option than sleeves on the S65. Done correctly you can get factory seal and not compromise the integrity of the cylinders. the only reason to sleeve it would be if you damaged the cylinders and needed to bore them out. Sleeves + high boost will most likley burn a lot of oil over time and fail.

Good #'s Drew!