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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
It was also substantially quicker in every measure and the ATS had a terrible gearbox which can be a deal breaker.

There are 100 reasons to buy a car. There were reasons for plenty of people(like me) not to buy an E90. With the E90, I basically felt I had to have a 335(which made no sense next to my E36/7) as the 328 was down on power and NA bolt ons lead to almost nowhere. I found the backseat and trunk size an issue and overall the car just felt a bit too small to be my DD(which was to replace my larger CC 2.0T 6mt APR'd).

Why are you hungup that the E92 is still being sold? Since back in the E46 days, the coupes and verts always had a longer shelf life compared to the sedan. This is how BMW has done it for nearly 15 years.

Does it give up SOME things to an E90, yes. But it gets a lot of other things in return. Magazine racing and hypotheticals are one thing, but when you BUY a new car you take into account the whole picture. The F30 is just the right size, a bit smaller than the E39, bigger than the E90, 30% stiffer, insanely fuel efficient, VERY torque'y and finally an aftermarket with real power options thanks to FI, and it's great looking in MSport with Eb2 even if some people are still hung up on he lights touching the grill lol.

Say what you want about the F30 compared to your E90's which if often from people who have not driven one, or those who drove a crappy loaner for a day(If your car has Sport suspension, even the F30 Sport suspension is not as stiff, you need the Mperformance suspension to =E90 Sports), but the fact is the F30 328 is still the best choice in the segment according to professionals and people test driving the competition. Me, the only car that could have tempted me was an ATS 2.0T 6mt as it has an LSD and Brembos.
I'm not hung up on the fact that the e90 is still sold. I'm hung up on the fact that it's the same exact car that it was six years ago and it's STILL winning comparo's, while the F30 can't even win one at the beginning of it's lifespan. When the e90 335 came out, no competitor was within 50hp or even in the same performance league. Right now, the F30 is actually underpowered a bit.

I don't own a e90 and have been driving a F30 328 for nearly two months now as a loaner. I drove a base one for a month and my current one is a sports model with paddle shifters (not m sport). I hate it.

You realize that the base price with NO OPTIONS besides leather for a 328 m sport is 43,625? If you've ever driven a non M-sport 328 you will quickly understand that quite literally a honda accord has superior steering feel and handling.

So in order to get a car that handles "almost" as good as the last gen $30,000 328, you now have to spend $43,625 - and that's before options. To get a decently specced out 328 m sport, you're paying 50-60k for a car with 240 horsepower. That's just atrocious. You realize that you can get a base M3 for that, let alone a brand new loaded last gen 335.