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Originally Posted by e92zero View Post
^I was thinking of this too but I didn't know how many volts and the current draw the pump actually takes. Do you think it's safe for the pump to be directly collected to the +ve terminal under the hood without frying?
Yes. Totally safe. It's just a pump, no different than the air pump that comes in the mobility kit in the trunk. All it needs is 12V direct current. The only problem i had was that my piggyback wire was probably too thin. The terminal in contact with the booster cable did get a bit hot. So I was cycling the pump more like 5 seconds on, 10 seconds off. But the total cycling time was about 30 seconds. I would have used a thicker wire, except that I didn't have one, and also the plastic harness for the connector is a tight fit and I doubt a thicker piggyback would have fit onto the connector.