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Originally Posted by Tim B.
Ok, i'm gonna ask the obvious-to-some , but not to me, questions
How do you do this exactly? Can someone please explain. Do you get the place that does the oil changes(dealer for me, still under warranty) to send in the samples? Sorry, but I have no clue how this works, but would like to get it done, especially since I am now SC'd
No problem!
First contact Blackstone Labs to request a couple of sample containers. They will send you a little package that contains black plastic bottles with a smaller white one in them that will contain the oil sample itself and a bunch of paper work.
The next time you bring your car for oil change (or you do it yourself), simply request from the service advisor that the mechanic working in your car takes a sample of the oil as it is flowing out.
You will see that this is not an uncommon request.
Then, package the oil sample back in the black bottle and mail it to the laboratory.

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