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Originally Posted by ILSMKU
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It's like saying to the guy who wants to buy a GT-R that his GT-R wont make him feel better!!? That's not the point, the point is to have fun, and let me tell you that a VT1 IS FUN!!

In fact my $8k supercharger kit saves me a lot of money because now I don't have to buy a +$100k car to have that much power!

p.s. Sure, if you think a stock M3 already has enough power then that's an other story!
I like how you think!
Like I said in a previous post, I beated a Gallardo from 60-200km/h yesterday!

Before we raced, I made the owner a ride in my M3 and after he let me drove his Lambo and we both agreed that my car has nothing to envy to his in terms of power delevery, it felt very simular, except for the sound of his V10 with his titanium exhaust on his convertible with top down, that was epic!!

So anyway after driving his car, instead of falling in love with the Lambo, it just made me appreciate more what I have. The tiptronic transmission in the Gallardo was a bit disapointing and also I would say that the materiels in the cabin felt a bit cheap for a car of this price, almost cheaper then my M3! It kinda confirmed me that I need nothing more then an M3 with a blower!!