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DCT issue tonight. Failed upshifts on an ESS 625 M3

Info on car.

08 M-DCT 55k miles
ESS 625 (just installed 300 miles ago)
526hp/348tq corrected (4xxhp uncorrected in colorado)

Took a buddy out for a ride tonight and had an issue come up that has me a bit concerned.

Was out and went WOT in 2nd at around 8500 (have the ESS 8600 raised redline) I hit my up-shift paddle and nothing... Didn't up-shift, just banged off rev limit for a second. I got out of the gas and hit paddle multiple times, and it went up to 7, but while it did, the DCT bars dropped from full to 3 bars on my display automatically. Tried it one more time an hour or so later when i was driving home solo, and it did the same thing again but from the 3 to 4 shift. I have never had this issue or any issues with the tranny up until tonight. The only recent changes to the car have been the ESS 625 blower and threw on some Drag radials. Outside of that, nada. Spoke with Andrew @ AR design/Alpha motorsports and he recommended a fluid change in the DCT tomorrow and he is going to call Roman @ ESS and see if he has run into this with his Supercharged M3's Has anyone had these issues before?
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