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Originally Posted by Itsed65 View Post
Hear hear! I am really hoping the mkII will be a worthy upgrade. I am holding off on a 5D3 in hopes of a higher end crop body at a decent price point.
Even a generation old the 7D's focus is pretty damn good given that all it's focus points were cross type. Made shooting with wide apertures easy. Ever try using a 5D2 for moving stuff? Not easy at all.

I dont see it being much cheaper than a 5d3 though. the 7D started at like 1700 body only in 2009? Mark 2 will probably be over 2k when they finally release it. 5d3s are slowly coming under 2800. For full frame, and the IQ it provides and the fact that they're readily available now, a 5d3 might be worth it. Unless you're gunning for the extra reach and the extra fps that a 7d2 will provide, then by all means.

The 70D might be your answer though, that's supposed to come out before the 7D2 and finally go back to the X0D roots of being a higher end crop camera rather than the slightly better than rebel in a bigger boddy crop camera.