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Originally Posted by LIMESANG View Post
2013 Cayman S Sport Exhaust With PDK With Sport Plus (On Crack)
vs BMW M3 6 Speed?
Which one is faster in a straight line?
4.4 sec Cayman 325hp
4.7 sec M3 6 speed 414hp
That's not the best you can do in an E92 6MT M3. 4.7 is on the high side by a lot. And thats Cayman S Sport Chrono >with PDK< (and is definitely an "ideal time" at that) which should be compared with E92 M3 DCT which is a lot quicker.

Cayman is a great car, but the idea that its as quick as a 991 is ridiculous. Porsche *doesnt allow that to happen*. Again... I'm a huge Porsche fan and have owned 2 911s (just sold my latest one actually) and *love* the Cayman. But let's not get crazy with the straight line time.

The E92M3 is quicker than the Cayman S in a straight line. The C63 is quicker than the M3 in a straight line. They're all within tenths so you can find a good or bad day for one or the other where things flip, but you have to go with the overwhelming majority of the professional test data.