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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Wow. Haven't heard that name in years.
Met him quite by accident back in my younger days. Didn't realize *who* he was when I walked into his shop, and didn't realize that I had such a valuable resource in my home town until many years later. Awesome guy, great books!

Originally Posted by meez View Post
I think you'd be stupid not to take weight into consideration.
Then again, you bought the heaviest M3 ever produced..... You can argue both ways on whether you should care more or care less about the cars weight.

Shedding weight on a luxury car sucks. Because you have to give up a commodity most of the time. This is a luxury car, and I did not buy it solely for a weekend warrior. It is the ultimate in daily driving comfort and weekend excitement, and adding any forced induction will surely give this heavy/torqueless car an 'exotic' feel.

All these supercharger debates come down to personal preference. You have to be comfortable with everything before you throw down the green. I was 100% comfortable with my due diligence into the VF kit, and it wasn't total wallet destruction either.
Yes, it's the heaviest produced, but the allure of the last V8 M3, in sedan form no less, was too much to pass up *lol*. Agreed about the personal preference thing. There are bits and pieces of each that I like/dislike, so due diligence is a must in this situation.