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Originally Posted by professor_yo View Post

Leave the customizations to each individual who purchases an M vehicle. By doing stuff like this, from factory it's becoming "ricer-like". (Yea, I came up with that term myself lol)

Sucks when a great company goes blah because of their desire to make as much money as possible regardless of what it does to their brand. Apple did/doing it, now BMW is following suit...smh
Originally Posted by Hyperjack View Post
kinda sick of hearing this.

i get that complaint aimed at m sport packages for non M cars in BMW's line up, but how is the LRP edition a "watering down" of the M brand?

it's the same exact car as any other M3.

you may want something more special in a limited edition that what BMW has offered....fine. but that doesn't mean that any of the special edition M3s are any less "M" than regular M cars.
I suppose I didn't articulate my point enough in my first post. I consider this stupid because it is not a "special edition" in any true form. It is some paint, aero that can be bought for any other M3, and a bunch of stickers. Oh, and a plaque to make the buyer feel "special." There is no added performance in any measurable way, outside of the aftermarket exhaust. Pure aesthetics does not a special edition make. That is all the Lime Rock and DTM are.

That is why I consider it watering down the brand.