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the "solutions" presented by politicians are intended to gain votes, not solve problems.

End of discussion right there, unfortunately.

While FWA is only small % of any particular human-based federal government issue, when we add up all those it turns into something more. One single example:I don't work in the public housing department, but have an office there. These people roll in with 22s on their Escalade, but can't be troubled to put on anything more than house slippers, then complain when they are told the waiting period is 5-6 years for housing. Every time they show up, same car. "Oh, that's not mine, it's my mom's" Prove it, let them run those plates. If your mom is so set, SHE should be giving you a boost, not the taxpayers. These are able-bodied adults who have better phones than I.

Now, because these lazy people want to game the system, when I hear some woman trying to truly escape from an abusive relationship by getting a hand up, she can't. No emergency housing available.

I'm mostly conservative, rgistered non-partisan, and give a lot of time to charitable organizations. Many of these entiltlements are regularly ABUSED to an incredible degree.

The other big one is this idea that we should be the world's police. At a time, we did have the financial resources to do this. IT seems from the crisis we are in now, we really need to refocus back in our own backyard. Many countries are also struglling, but can we really afford to continue the current levels of foreign aide?