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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
We've had snow every week for the last four weeks. For May, we've already beat our annual average.

Yeah, 1000mm at 1/400-sec. doesn't work without IS. Lack of IS is a reason to consider the 100-400mm or a Sigma. None of those work as well as the big Canon primes, but you don't have to sell any cars to own them.

Now that I've got 1000mm, I'm torn between the 500mm and 600mm Series II lenses. The IS on both is supposed to be two-stops better than my Series I. That would be simply amazing. There's talk that they may finally update the 100-400mm with a Series II. If it got the new IS system, that'd be a great bargain. Of course the price will go up a ton, but, if they kept the increase under $1,000, that'd be a comparative deal.

Canon is making everything much more expensive these days. It's getting kind of ridiculous lol. They also take forever to bring anything onto the market. The 24-70 II took like 2 years of speculation and rumors even though the patent had already been released.The 35L II, 200-400 f/4 IS are STILL MIA lol. The 200-400L has a great spec sheet and a built in TC, but rumors say it will be north of 10k! Waiting for the new 100-400 might prove to be a 1-2 year affair...