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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post
In those days when Barca was the king, i thought Guardiola was massievely overrated. I said to myself that the team is just amazing, an ape even can manage that team. But now that he's gone and i see Barca's downfall, i suddenly have a huge respect for him. Afterall he might be a decent coach. Barca needs a new coach before it's too late.

What has happened to Bayern is a perfect example of what good managing can bring to a team. When they told the media that Pep is going to be in charge in the next season most thought that Heynckes would interest as some players since they are in Pep's black list. But none of those happened. That's what i call a true management. PSG owners should note. You don't dump a lot money in one team and expect it's going to kick everyone else's butt. You spend money wisely.
+1 I agree Barca needs a new coach

Also, imo, I think Bundesliga is becoming the model league that all European football leagues should look to.. really impressed