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Originally Posted by sparoz View Post
There is a lot of mis-information in this post, but I understand that not many people are as well rehearse as I am since I have done a lot of research before putting them on my car. I assume the opinions are formed by reading various forums, articles about F1 brakes and previous generation Brembo CCM and PCCBs.

The M5/M6 ceramic is a new type of ceramic developed for BMW street use and is not suited for track. It is apparently tougher than the PCCB but are not track products like the Brembos CCM-R or the Mov'it Cer-Gen3. The advantage of the new BMW specific brakes are reduction unsprung weight, and also lifetime street use.

The current generation of carbon ceramic is both streetable and trackable. For example the Brembos on my car has 110% of friction when cold compare to their steel rotors. The Mov'it brakes performs 90% of its full capacity when cold. They performs like glue when they are hot, but they perform better than steel when cold. The brakes I have got doesn't have much difference on the street in terms of performance compare to stock brakes, but you can feel and modulate the brake much better.

Unfortunately the M5/M6 brakes is not going to fit and the OP IS better off sourcing Brembo, Stoptech or Mov'it options. IIRC the front disc on the M5 is going to be 410mm, and have a wider calliper and it will only work with 20" wheels on the M5 so it would be the same with a E90/92. Besides they are a $9000 option, which means to have them not installed in factory, plus labour is going to be a huge cost even if you can fit it on. Much higher than $10k.

You are right about the rotor cost, they would be upwards of $5k to replace, but they are rated for 5000 competition miles. There's over 50 track days before you have to replace them if you are using it for competition, and considered to be lifetime street use. In terms of pads cost, they are $200 each so that's $1600 for a full set, which is pretty much inline with any high performance track pads - except there is no compromise on the street. It is a true street and track product.

FYI - a sponsor of the forum have the Brembo for sale at around $30k with the GT callipers.
misinformation? You basically confirmed all what I said except I got the cost wrong...