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Originally Posted by F1Venom View Post
The X5M is probably the best handling and accelerating SUV on the market and I wouldn't choose any other SUV. But it still weighs 5000 pounds and is quite large.
And that's an oxymoron and precisely why the X5M is useless and should not have existed at all. SUVs are not for "good handling". They are for towing and for off road use, none of which the x5M is capable of. If someone wants a vehicle for the road that handles well while having lots of storage space and practicality, why not get a station wagon? What's wrong with a 3 series or 5 series wagon? Heck, bmw should have made an M3 and M5 wagon. Makes more sense than X5M or X6M. SUVs will always be heavy and have a high centre of gravity, so whether they carry an M badge or not the will never be as stable and well planted on the road as a car.