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Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
With all the injuries, not even Kobe would have made it a series. Even at full strength with the Lakers playing really well, it would have been a close series.

Sign and trade Howard or trade him in a year when everyone else is off the books, because if he walks then the Lakers will be hurting. He's top 5 talent and the Lakers are itching to sign him as they should.

Baseball and basketball are completely different. Unlike the NBA, one guy in baseball can't carry a team, let alone a guy pitching once every five days. Its funny you mention Kevin brown as I watched a ton of dodger games during that time and many of KBs starts. Simply put, kb on the mound put the dodgers in a position to win. Many of those starts were squandered though. Clubhouse stuff aside he put up good numbers, but had poor run support for most of his stay. Overpaid for the time....maybe but he was an effective pitcher.
Kobe would have made it a series he basically carried them to the playoffs. Maybe if he was playing DH would have actually tried. They had two seven footers in the paint and they kept triple and double teaming DH, he could have passed it out to Kobe and he would have actually made some Shots.