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Originally Posted by r53s65e90 View Post
Hey Captain!

I live in the US and all I have to go by are brochures and pictures in this forum:

Global brochure (included in post 1)

US Application List

Also check out this thread I started wondering about it:

And this thread where OP post clear pictures of the fronts:
Here the fasteners look different than the McLaren fasteners on mine.

The above list
US spec E9X M3 380 kit as: 1N1.9003A = N caliper 380x34 rotor
TUV approved E9X M3 380 kit as: 1M1.9022A = M caliper 380x32 rotor

Note that the 1M 380 kit in the global brochure is the same as the US Spec 380 kit. So you may well be using that and consider it EU spec.

Also, I believe that the GTS caliper is the M caliper based on specs and pictures and I am sure I will be soon confirmed by Aleks' build in my neighborhood.

Rears are the same.

In short, my assessments are based on data that bling consumers like myself have access to and not speculation on my part.
I also have the OEM GTS Kit laying here, so I know the specs