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Obviously, no one knows about the fit at this point as M5 owners are just starting to take delivery of carbon brakes now... I would call EAS, IND, Turner, or Dinan to see if a shop have attempted it, as they are most likely the first to try this.

Regarding cost, this is going to cost you around $10k including labor. Most likely you'll also have to change wheels so take into account of that cost as well.

Also, if you don't track your car, carbon brakes will be disappointing in terms of streetable performance. They have little initial bite when cold, which is not what you want from a street system. Since you live in Jersey, it won't perform well in the cold (assuming you DD your car)

IMO, if I were in a position to order a car with optional carbon brakes, I wouldn't order it, even if I did track the car. It's just much easier and cheaper to maintain a standard braking system. Don't quote me on this, but I do believe if you don't track the car, the carbon brakes are a lifetime part, you dont' need to change the pads or rotors. If you track the car, after a while you may need to replace pads and rotors....and at that point, you better wish you won the lotto...

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