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Originally Posted by positiveions View Post

Aside from that, those wheels will look incredibly good on JB or JZB as well.
Ah, yeah meant to make the comparison to the PS2's, not PSS. PSS is head and shoulders above the Evo's. PS2 gets a 1/2 point higher review on tire rack and C&D rated them the runner up tire comparing to the PS2's. Heres what it boils down to, I dont need to spend $2000 for tires, when I can get a tire that gets %75 of the performance for 1/2 the cost. Its over kill for what I do with the car. If I ragged the car or tracked it, Michelins for sure. To call these "the shittiest" tires is not only incorrect, but its far from the truth.

Now back to the reason I created this post....the wheels, wrap, and headlights! Thanks to those that had positive comments, much appreciated.