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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by catherinelam View Post
i like the facelifted coupe... not so much the sedan
but i find it takes a while to get used to most merc cars.
Originally Posted by pokerface View Post
I personally miss the quad lamp. It's been the E class trademark since 96
Originally Posted by BKap08 View Post
the front only suits the coupe, it looks terrible on the sedan
Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
I liked the previous ones headlights..the square 2 piece. These look like its from a spaceship but I said the same about the F30 and that's grown on me.
Do you all honestly think the previous face looked better? I thought it was one of the weakest attempts in Benz's recent history, especially on the non-AMG spec models. The inner element of those quads just never grew on me. I really dig the new face, especially in person. They still made sure that the new lamps allude to a quad configuration by making heavy use of inner styling trim and LED lighting which I think turned out to be a clean alternative in the end. I think the front end looks taught, modern, expensive, and has a good combination of aggression and restraint. To me it literally looks more solid than the previous sheetmetal.

To each their own I guess.

Originally Posted by thebishman View Post
In Europe you can spec the E63 with the standard type of front fascia. Wish we had that option here in the US.
I looked on MB's UK and German configurators and couldn't find this. Where did you hear about this?
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