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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
Seems like an extreme reaction for his statement IMO. The truth is that V12's are a cheap tire that tries to match the performance of the high end options. The fact is they are a good tire for the money but don't perform as well as the higher end options. He was pointing out the facts and you immediately belittle him??? I have had V12's and happen to agree that they don't perform as well as the others. I agree that it doesn't make a ton of sense that you would drop top dollar on the wheels but compromise on the tires... It doesn't matter how much money I have or what type of car I drive it's still a reasonable assessment. You seem to be happy with them and that's what really matters.
Im an extreme person, especially when I work hard for something, then someone with no tact comes onto my space and bashes it to pieces. The fact is, they may not be as high end as PSS, but the way he came across was unnecessary. That talk would 100% of the time get a back lashing from me. That's my personality and I wont apologize for being me.

Onto the facts, from my research the Evo12 and PSS were about the only tires made in my sizes and Evo12 was extremely high rated. PSS was $1000 more. I knew I was building a show car that would never be tracked. I intended to go PSS all the way from the get go, but after reading tons of positive reviews and seeing comparisons online and in magazines, the extra $1000 became more difficult to let go.

So, this tires to 100% what I bough them for and I'm very happy. BTW, I had PSS on the wheels that were on the car prior to the HRE's.