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Originally Posted by R Grubba Balls View Post
about 1.5 yrs ago i was in the best shape of my life, was working out ~20 hrs a week, swimming over a mile at a time, etc. (though i was still eating like a horse)

anyway, things came up. i was busy, i moved, a lot of things changed. i've maintained somewhat with dieting (mainly controlling portion sizes), pushups, and walking, but definitely put on some flab and my skinny jeans don't feel so skinny anymore. woke up one morning (fell asleep in front of the tv) and the insanity infomercial was running.

so i picked up the insanity workout videos (starting tomorrow), looks better than p90x and it fits perfectly since i'm on staycation. my form's fallen off a little but i'm still ok. insanity claims a new body in 2 months: based on where i'm starting and given that i've been through this before, i'm giving myself 1 month.

tonight, i feast!
I read your experiece.In the past you spent a very good time in swimming and other.
Eating is impportant for us.without eating we can't live but our eating should be balanced.
you should take natural drinks to control you weight problem.This is good effort to adopt other experience.