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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
They were mine. Huge difference between these and my KW V3's. I'm amazed at how much better linear springs in general feel over progressive. The first thing I noticed at the track is how much more suspension travel it had. I had the compression set to a street setting during my first session and it had crazy body roll, but at the same time it felt very good. It was set to 12 clicks that session. I dropped it down to 6 clicks the second session and the car felt much better around the corners, but still some roll. I also had a bit too much oversteer so I stiffened my front sway a bit and adjusted the dampers to 4 clicks and the car felt really good after that. I hit some big berms and went through rumble strips and the car always felt planted. I drove home with them still on 4 clicks and while stiff, it was still pretty comfortable on my 2.5 hour drive back home. I have them set to 9 clicks at the moment and will keep playing around with them.

That's another great thing about this kit. Compression adjustments are so simple. I was always intimidated by all the adjustments on my V3's so I never really touched them after initial setup. All in all, I think these are a pretty big upgrade over the V3's and at a great price. I consider this a street damper that can handle track duty.

Unfortunately I can't say if they made me any faster over the V3's because I wasn't at Laguna Seca. I was at a track that I haven't been to since last November and I'm not very fast on it to begin with because of my infrequent visits. But I can say they feel a lot better than my previous setup on and off the track.
That is the same upgrade I am looking to make

What is your ride heigt set like? Was it the same for the Ohlins and kw?

Also, how is the rebound / bounce between the two. That's the issue I am having with my kw, too much bounce / body motion on rapidly undulating pavement and dips.

Thanks for your feedback. Leaning strongly towards moving to Ohlins.

Any and all feedback, especially compared to kw v3 is helpful!