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I'll be looking to buy a M3 (E92 or E46) when I graduate from uni at the end of this year (so buying January next year).

What do you guys think the value of the E92 will drop to in that time considering the new M3 is coming out. Do you think it will hit low $50s by that time seeing as you could pick up one up high $60s low $70s right now?

I'd be keeping the car for atleast 3 years and am really tossing up between E46 (cheaper but higher risk of somethig going wrong since its older) or E92 (more expensive, younger and better car). Whilst the 135i would hit the sweet spot in terms of age and price, I just cannot enjoy a turbo car as much as a non-turbo car, so it's kind of out of the question unless it really makes sense to and like the poster above mentions it will be special to own the last NA V8 ever.