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As I got into adult hood (40s), I've learned that the classic "Night Cap" or after work martini is exactly the stress relief required. Just one, maybe a couple on Fridays. Really can help put down all the silly stuff that may cause stress.

You know there is actually an answer and that is "everything in moderation".

It's a simple concept, and the hopeless/pointless chasing of material shit, stuff you don't need, and trying to keep up with the Joneses just doesn't matter. It's a simple matter of getting your priorities straight.

Find a career that you find enjoyable, maybe actually fun, and everything will come to you. What's the quote "Do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life."

It's an odd concept to bring into a BMW forum certainly, cause many of us have likely been raised or trained to acquire more and more, that we MUST WIN. Many have likely sought out careers based on earning potential, or status without realizing that it's meaningless to them and gives them no real joy, no satisfaction.

You want to reduce your stress in the first world? STOP worrying about meaningless, useless, material shit. We don't NEED BMWs, WE DONT NEED THE McMansion, and who gives a shit what Bob at work is driving. However, we have folks on this forum whom I guarantee are stressed because the BMW they are driving costs too much for it to be truly affordable. Self inflicted stress, because of a desire to acquire. It's the "American Way" right, we are programmed to have to have to the new shiny shit and that it will make us happy. But it won't, it never will. Instead the new shiny shit has you working late, compromising morals maybe, spending more and more time away from family and friends to simply afford that shiny shit. It really is insane.

There was a study I came across a few years ago. In it researchers, (or Pollsters) found that there is a significant decrees in happiness and contentment as IQ and education increases. It's simpler to be happy and relaxed when you're simply unaware of or unconcerned with all the "horror" the Media is telling us matters.

Want to be happy? It's all inside you, contentment is from within and the less wealth worshiping and status hounding you do? The more you realize that it's unimportant bullshit? The happier you will be.

If you want real stress? Try getting shot at. (No a ramboesque tale coming) just spend some time getting mortars dropped on you, or small arms directed at you. That is real stress, and you'll experience a serious adrenal/cortisol dump. Put it all into perspective, and unless you are surgeon, an Airline Pilot, Soldier, or in some other real world life or death career? All the other stress is just little shit, and don't sweat the little shit.

Blah Blah Blah, holy cow I went off... But seriously, stress kills, in the first world we are largely stressed about things that when put into perspective are genuinely NOT critical to living and is therefore little shit.

Oh and Scotch might be your friend... So long as you remember "all things in moderation".

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