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Originally Posted by TACA A320 View Post
Just out of curiosity, how do you usually react to heavy stress? In my case, my heart rate always goes up fast and stays fast in the middle of the night while I am asleep, which obviously wakes me up. This scared the hell out of me when it first happened to the point that I went to the ER and had two different cardiologists do two different EKG's and ECG's and place me on one of those 24 hour heart monitors. No problems were found at all, which led me to a psychologist who found that I was under a lot of stress.

Thankfully it has only happened twice in my life, the second time I knew what it was and was able to control and stop it immediately through "mental therapy" i.e. calming myself down.

So, just out of curiosity, how do you react?

hi buddy
oh you have a such type of doubt stress not only can effect our mental organs but also our hole heart beat is main point in stress and immediately of this long and tension-able treatment if u can walk daily and busy yourself in creative activities and remember to God all the time so you can get rid of this problem for long wishes to you.