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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
notice I did not say my house. I said our house as in my family's house.
Don't jump to conclusions there buddy. yeah my dad helped me buy my 3rd car when I was 17 big deal(jealous much?). but believe me I paid for a majority of it. As for mods 100% my money. and I have just about half the worth of your car into in modifications and can probably train lengths on you Never taken my car to the dealer and perform all the work my self. and made a living out of it. and if I ever want to stop working Its back to working for daddy and daddy's money. got about a year left with premed then moving to med school then ill be leeching off daddys money with school being paid for with my grades.
people on this forum really need to chill it with age shit its getting annoying.
ur about 5 years older than me... in 5 years when im your age. ill be making 6 figures easy. im 19 almost done with pre-med. anesthesiologist when im 25-26. know nothing about nothing....

There are no scholarships for grades for medical colleges...everyone's smart

Did you start college at 16??

if not...The earliest that most graduate med school is 24 (and that's in a combined 6 yr BS/MD program...which you are not in) ..... But then you need to complete a 4 yr anesthesia residency....since math isn't your strong point...I'll help....28 is the earliest it gets....most are done at 30

And that $150 k salary you are going to start at ain't shit
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