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Originally Posted by FormerRotor
I'm going to bring this thread back to reality and hopefully encourage some other folks to post pics for this guy

My place...

It's not much from the outside, but it does the trick and meets my only real requirement (minimum 2 car garage). To be honest, my wife and I have been talking about using it as a rental and moving in to something a bit smaller (total ft.sq. is about 3200 over four floors) with more usable square footage (fewer bedrooms, more living *******.

Growing up, my dad was one of those guys who made pretty darn good money for as long as i can remember, but we lived in the same modest house our entire lives and he still lives there today...I guess I take a page from his book in that regards...

If you want to see the crazy houses, I can post pics of my In-laws places I don't think they've every built anything less than 11k ft.sq. and the finishing is AMAZING (they are some of the best luxury homebuilders around the dc area (Potomac, Bethesda etc.)
I live around that area, and I would love to see some pictures.