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I think its foolish to believe that any journalist is impartial.

Yes, someone that has driven everything from the GT3 to the family station wagon probably can make a good assesment of the M3. The problem is that the M3 is getting compared to everything and anything too, which is great for someone that has never been behind the wheel of a BMW but gives a vague frame of reference. When someone says the steering is numb, does that mean compared to a GT3, E30 M3, a station wagon?

I like that the BMW Scene, Bimmer, etc etc journalists drive BMW's everyday and are comparing the new M to what they drive. Be it a modded E36 M3 or a E46 M3 cabrio. I am not sure which article, maybe BMW Scene, but the journalist actually drove his E39 M5 to the road test and commented on the differences. Whats valuable about this is that most of us, BMW fans, have been in and around BMW's before. A journalist that drives an E46 M to work everyday has a better opinion, I think, on how the new M3 stacks up. Better than even a journalist that does a quick 1 day comparo. Better than someone that has only spent a matter of hours behind the wheel of any BMW. For example, someone that has spent years behind the wheel of M cars, in my opinion, has a better handle on what the new M3 needs to be and should be than someone who hasnt.

Of course this is just my opinion

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