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Originally Posted by kevinbahnz View Post
Thanks, I was trying to be frugal with buying a 1950s fixer-upper but i think i got in over my head. Its going to cost about half the value of the house to get it to where i want. But it's in a good neighborhood and my sister lives directly across the street.
Just make sure not to overbuild for whatever the neiborhood is, but also dont underbuild to whatever you will need in the future (i.e. "damn, im going to need to add on to the addition"). There is definitely a point of diminishing return when it comes to interior finishings. Other than that, just have fun with the build and make sure you enjoy it!

Again, congrats!

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I really haven't taken any pics since moving in. Just a few, most are from the building process or just about finished.


To the OP, one of the things we did with the kitchen was to buy a built in subzero fridge, like a big one, 24 cubic ft. That's all fridge, no freezer. We got a smaller 15 cubic ft freezer with ice maker and put it in the pantry. Made some more space in the kitchen and love having so much fridge space.
Nice kitchen. The wolf range is a good call, and the built-in subzeros really add some class to a kitchen space. There is something so nice about not having to look at a big ugly fridge just because you are in the kitchen area.

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