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Originally Posted by Hisam135i View Post
Nice house! Love the pool, looks great!
Originally Posted by Zirenz2006 View Post
That is a sweet pool!


I really haven't taken any pics since moving in. Just a few, most are from the building process or just about finished.


To the OP, one of the things we did with the kitchen was to buy a built in subzero fridge, like a big one, 24 cubic ft. That's all fridge, no freezer. We got a smaller 15 cubic ft freezer with ice maker and put it in the pantry. Made some more space in the kitchen and love having so much fridge space.

One of the game room.....

My regret with this room was making it smaller to save some money. Would have rather kept it the way it was which would have made room for a foosball table as well. Now it's just a little too large for just a pool table and a little too small to add anything else.

Living room / Slate wall....

This room is separated by the kitchen by a half wall, the kitchen was fairly dramatic so we applied slate to this wall to balance the drama. It's one of the most talked about features of most people who visit. Before the new sofas arrived. We ended up getting 3 matching sofas for this space. Makes for a cozy place for lots of people.
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