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Originally Posted by leemik View Post
Even thought 1st year is free they still ask for a credit card and make it EXTREMELY difficult to cancel the service.. I was a former Sirius customer and I can't stand this practice.. so much so that I didn't bother to activate my "free" service this time around
You're under no obligation to provide a credit card. Tell them you are a cash only kinda guy! As a matter of fact, the worst move possible with these guys is to fall into their "automatic renewal" trap. They'll give you a teaser on the way in then sock it to you on the renewal, and you've already pre-approved the reaming. Better to have no CC on file, let the sub lapse, then call them and tell them what they MUST do to earn your business for the next one, two or three years. If the deal makes sense, lock it in since you can always transfer it to another vehicle at no charge. Whatever you do, refuse to pay any penalty or reconnection fees and NEVER give them a credit card number. Be an animal, they certainly are.