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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Nice. Although that shot shows some corner distortion. Probably an inherent issue with the iPhone. Your wheels look like they're falling off.

How does it handle? I need to go see one in person. I can't tell how big it is. My X5 is showing signs of age. Last week I got a warning that the DSC and AWD failed, although it was gone the next time I drove it. I keep getting intermittent "Check Rear Lights" warnings as well. Once the electrical gremlins start, it's time to get rid of the car.
Hehe, yeah the phone camera is no sub for a 5 or 1 D. The front wheels are turned to the right, so that might be what looks a bit odd from so far away. The car handles very well, not at all like an SUV, although it obviously is not a 335 coupe either. Size wise, it's kind of like my GTI on steroids, its not big at all, and its hard to tell unless you are parked right next to an X3 or X5.

For driving back from Santa Barbara to the Bay Area though, it met all my expectations. Nice quite cabin, the AC held up to 90 degree weather just fine, and the HK stereo is certainly adequate to my 48 year old ears. I realize the X1 styling is not everyone's cup of tea, but for me it is perfect. I need a hatch type vehicle, as I am an amputee and use a wheelchair part time, so I need easy loading and unloading. Also the lack of a manual is not relevant to me as my manual shifting days are sadly over.

Overall, I got a great deal on the perfect vehicle for me so I am a happy camper
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