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I have always used a front plate for the 31 years that I have been driving and it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, since I have always had one, the car seems a little "naked" without it to me. I have always just used a nice plate frame. In fact, on several of my cars, I have had the plate frame painted with OEM paint to match the car. With my M3 I just went with the CF option.

I just don't want any extra excuse to get pulled over, ticketed, etc. In MA, it is a moving violation.

I do wish, however, that more auto manufacturers would integrate a front plate area into the design of their cars so it wouldn't look so "stuck on". Corvette does this very nicely.

I also think the tow hook option really makes the car look silly. you haven't put two small drill holes in your front bumper. It still looks really bad. Of course, in the end, it is all about what one's brain perceives. If your brain is happy with the notion that there are no holes in your bumper, despite the fact that the plate looks hideous off to the side, then go for it.
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