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I read the article. His writing almost seems to deem the bugatti, dare I say it, "impractical"?

He complains about luggage space, when we are talking about supercars here. As though somebody would take a Bugatti to go camping?

" have a "real-world" checklist when designing road cars: 1) size or perceived size; is the car intimidating to drive? 2) ergonomics; primary and secondary controls, pedals; 3) luggage capacity, cabin storage; 4) driveability, slow traffic engine characteristics, overtaking; 5) ride and handling; 6) ease of parking."
-- Gordon Murray

Ease of parking? luggage capacity? Cabin storage? Do you get your groceries in such a car??????

"With the F1, we set out to design the best driver's car we could, and by being innovative with componentry placement, we squeezed three occupants, a V-12, 90 liters of fuel and good luggage space into a car the same size as a Porsche Cayman."

It's good design, but it doesn't matter in this type of car.

"On paper, its nearest relative by specification is its brother, the Bugatti EB110 multi-cylinder turbo engine, hybrid construction, awd and impractical on the road."

Again the practicality talk.

Anybody who pays this kind of money for a car can surely afford to buy another one for getting his groceries. Do people that rich even have to carry luggage?