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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
So I took my jet black e92 to the dealer for a new battery. I told them not to wash it and it came back with hard water spots.

I couldn't get them off by hand so I went to the local detail supply shop and was sold a Griots Gen3 DA polisher. Meguiars ultimate compound and ulitmate polish. Three meguiars yellow pads 8207 and three black meguiars wax pads.

I was told to do six sections passes at speed 4 with the compound at 15lbs of arm pressure. I did that and the spots removed. However my paint looked cloudy in some spots.

I then changed pads and started to polish it with Meguiars Ultimate polish at speed 4 and no matter what I do, the polish leaves swirls marks!!!

Any suggestions before I throw gas on my car, set it on fire and dance in a circle?

I didn't read anywhere that you clayed the vehicle prior to polishing, maybe you did and it's inferred. If you didn't, that can cause swirl marks. You can also use an alcohol/water mixture to clean any leftover polish off.