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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post

2. At this power level, I really think you need AWD, especially in a large front engine sedan with relatively narrow tires. That's where a car like this will hammer an M5. M5 simply can't put its power down effectively enough. I know RWD will still give you a more dynamic feel, but in these bloated, heavy power barges, what difference does it really make? People don't buy these cars to take them to the track. Even the vast majority of M5 owners will never track their cars.
That's what I will never understand. Last time I checked, the speed limit hasn't been increased. And there are no autobahns outside Germany. So if you don't go to the track, why buy those gazillion horsepower sedans? You pay more MSRP, gas guzzler tax, maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs, for what? So that you can win the Stop Light Grand Prix?