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Originally Posted by reelop19 View Post
You just cited a yahoo (liberal) article saying Paul Krugman won (super liberal who is an idiot). You may be registered GOP but you're a McCain and Lindsey Graham type republican if you believe this BS. Krugman is only relevant to political elitists who have no idea where main street is. This guy is a joke in the real world. That whole article is a joke. We are doing exactly what Europe and Japan have done and they are in ruins financially. The dollar is only getting worse, unemployment is sky high, and our debt is unsustainable. Once the FED stops messing around with interests rates and printing crazy amounts of money hello hyper inflation and depression. Look at Krugman and tell me that dude isn't a squirrelly little nerd who got picked on his whole life. The dude is plain wrong but won't admit it because academics like him think they're right and can fix it their way (which has never worked).