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Its so cute how some of you think you know whats up. We are being lied to by this government and ever since 9/11 some crazy sh!t has been going on. Bush took freedoms and grew government like crazy and Obama is doing the same except on steroids. Everything we are being told is a lie. WMD's, no WMD's.....who gives a sh!t. We are in something like 130 countries and you're bitching about WMD's are why we're over there?? We're god damn imperialists and its nothing new. We are being played by our government and a complicit media. Stories change overnight essentially exposing the lies and corruption and double speak of both the politicians and media and nobody seems to care. Journalism is dead and this 24 hour news cycle is nothing more than practice for a future Government run propaganda machine. Watch you'll see. News outlets (except for FOX News) are failing and there is already talk of which one's are "too big to fail." Its a fcukin disaster and some of you actually think you're getting the truth. LOL