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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
AWHP dyno results are much different that RWHP....... The average drivetrain loss for most AWD cars is 25%. 400WHP would be 500CHP which makes sense since the 2003-2005 Gallardo's were rated at 493HP (500PS) and the 2006-2008 models were rated at 513HP (520PS) with the exception of the Superleggera which had 523HP (530PS).

Lets look at performance numbers for Gallardos. The original 2003 Gallardos ran 4.1-4.3 0-60 times with quarter-mile times of around 12.4-12.5 at around 116-118 MPH. Current Gallardos (except spyders) all run sub 4 second 0-60 times and 11 second quarter mile times in excess of 120MPH........ Based on these numbers a healthy M3 DCT (6MT models are slower) is closely matched to an original 03 Gallardo but is definitely way out of it's league when compared to 2009+ models.

What about a full bolt on Gallardo, how do you think that race would look?!?!?!

Yes the M3 is a great car and we all know that, but how do you justify the comparison of an M3 to a supercar like the Gallardo, they are not even in the same league and are not meant to be. No matter how great the the driving experience of the M3 is, a supercar it will never be!