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Talking Shady1 finally has a Supercharger, mod virus is cured... for now

Since I am about to retire from the military after doing 23 years of service and 7 combat tours ranging from Desert Shield/ Desert Storm era and every deployment in between until the present . Everyone knows me for all the carbon fiber mods I have installed on my M3 and under the hood. I was one of the first in the USA having a full Hamann body kit installed on my M3 .My M3 is in all types of car magazines, youtube, and other car forums on the internet. My M3 always had all the bolt on mods, tune, and everything. I do not track my M3 because I always drive any place or travel any distance in my M3 doing car shows, meets, events and to even have mods installed in other states. The mod virus took over so bad I could no longer go in the Sponsors and Classified section on the M3 post and find anything to buy because I most likely already have that type of mod on my M3 . The only thing I was really missing on my M3 was a Supercharger . I finally pulled the trigger on a Supercharger with a little help and encouragement from M3post member Laidback (MFest Founder Chris) It all started when I sent him a text showing him how I placed first at a car show and made it in a car magazine. Oh and not to mention I am the MFest Rep for Texas . Laidback sent me a text and it said we need to get you Supercharged. I text him back yeah we need to get me Supercharged. Laidback text me back ..... Give Me a Week . I was like wow Really Once a week came around he gave me a number to call a guy named Toby that works at VF Engineering we talked on the phone I told him about all the cars shows, meets, events, and sponsors I have. The next thing you know I am being sponsored by VF Engineering thanks to Laidback giving me his VF Engineering sponsorship Since MFest 7 in Las Vegas is coming up 24-26 May and VF Engineering is one of the main sponsor they had a Special VF Limited Edition Supercharger numbers #01 - 20 to debut at this years MFest 7. It don't matter which version Supercharger you get for 01 - 20. I got to choose which number of the limited edition I wanted and I picked #01 . Now all I have to do is get the Supercharger installed. Now keep in mind I live in Central Texas and VF Engineering is in SoCal 1,423 miles away from my house one way, Now what would Shady1 do in a situation like this .......!!!! . Get a transport and have the car sent to VF for install No way guy..... Shady1 is going to take 6 days off from work and drive to VF in SoCal for install . Since my M3 is pretty well known at many events. I told VF Engineering, I wanted pics of the build and events leading up to my Supercharger being installed so I can post it and share my experience with everyone. I also made sure I picked the week with the weekend of the Pre- MFest 7 event at the Oakley Factory so my car could be on display at the event and debut the Special MFest Limited Edition kit. It took a lot of planning for this trip and to make the install happen and since my Supercharger was a Special MFest Limited Edition I wanted everything custom done and custom painted. Now on with the 6 day round trip that started late Wednesday night at 12:00 a.m. midnight because in the military you can start your vacation this early in the morning the day of your vacation. I had 1,423 miles to drive one way 21 hours from Central Texas to SoCal. I had to drive really careful driving at night because there is a lot of deer here in Texas on the back roads and off the highway glad I have deer whistles mounted on my M3. Now on with the pics

The VF kit I have is the VF540 MFest Limited Edition number #01 out of 20

VF finished the install on my M3 Friday evening . My M3 was a priority build for VF Engineering and The Shop with the custom paint job to the manifold. My Trip is not over yet this part was just the build, I still have the big Pre- MFest 7 event at the Oakley Factory, since I am sponsored by VF and my M3 is the first completed special limited edition my M3 it will be on display and debut at the MFest event. Stay tuned more pics coming up next and the rest of the trip.
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