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IMO these developments are more about the dramatic economic shift than anything else. Ferrari and Porsche (at their highest end, like the GT series) cater to their *new* car buyers. These cars are getting more and more expensive (very successfully so I might add) and are being sold into a pretty rarified demographic (multi-millionaires)

The fact is that the new car buyers of Lambo, Ferrari, Aston, top end Porsche, etc want performance *and* convenience. They don't care about or even really look at the GTR honestly. Look, I owned one and liked it well enough, but Nissan barely sells any. It is only a "threat" to Porsche in the bench racing contests of forums, among 19 year olds with no money and a dream, and in the motoring press.

At the end of the day Porsche and Ferrari arent losing GT3 and 458 sales to a Nissan! LOL But their buyers *do* want that same blend of "ring king" performance *and* "drive to the beach house with the mistress in tow" convenience.

That's why we are seeing these developments. For people who want to "stay simple" there are always the used cars. Progress marches on. For every person who feels that the "997 was perfect" there are 10 that would argue that the 997 is "too much BS" and that the 993 was perfect, or the 964, or the 911... On and on. That never ends and is generational. In the meantime the high-end marques need to worry about the guys writing $200k checks.

If those guys were saying "no manual trans and a piped in soundtrack?!?!?! SCREW YOU!", then it would change. But they're not. They're snapping these up. Sales #s don't lie and Porsche and BMW (and even Ferrari) are setting *records* with incomprehensibly expensive cars in the *worst economy in 60 years*. That should tell you something.