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Originally Posted by NewhouseEnt View Post
This blog has done an excellent job at gauging and estimating the price of the M3. I think its probably dead on, since the M3 is already selling/ priced in Europe.
The joy of math in this case is that you can simply pick a price and then choose from a myriad of price comparison schemes to arrive at what you want to.

I think that estimates based on Math are better than ones that aren't but in the grand scheme of things it still doesn't mean anything and as people mentioned in the thread, different base equipment levels affect these things as well.

Here is math proving a $56.5k base price that is based on BMWNA pricing policy in terms of what premium is associated with M cars over top of the range non M cars:

More numbers for you....

2003 M5 MSRP - 70,400
2003 540i 6SPD MSRP - 55,800

% Premium for E39 M5 vs E39 540i = 26%

2006 M5 MSRP - 81,200
2006 550I 6SPD MSRP - 58,500

% Premium for E60 M5 vs E60 550i = 38%

% Increase In Premium from 2003 to 2006, 31%

Now Let's apply that to the E90...
2007 335i MSRP - 40,600
On the E46 there was a 30% Premium for the M3, now let's compound that with a 31% Increase (based on E39 vs E60). This yields a total cost increase against the E90 of 39.3%. Apply that to the E90 base price yields 56,500.