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Originally Posted by TrakBch View Post
A 2008 with that kind of mileage, functional and clean title can be had for under $36000. Why did you go this route if I may ask? Is the value of the spare car going to offset the salvage title car to point it makes it a good investment?

I'm also curious because I saw a wrecked GTR for sub $20k, and one not as bad off for $29k.
So I have 2 M3's, have about 32K total in them.

I use one to fix the other, I don't need to come out of pocket to buy any parts.

When I am done with one, I part out the other. Parting out the other I have full interior, engine, 6 speed tranny, rear differential, EDC suspension, wheels and tires, headlight, and many other misc parts. Should be able to get 17K when parting out.

So I am only spending about 15K to get a fully functional 08 M3 with about 30K miles. Less than half the cost. I say it's a good deal.

It sucks it's salvage, but it's never been wrecked so I have no worries. When it comes time to sell, I should be able to get close to my value or maybe loose a little. Much better than buying the car new for 70K to resale years later at half cost.